Hair Straightening in Stamford

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Hair straightening in Stamford

Everyone is born with unique hair, but it may not be the hair we want. Whether you are looking to keep up with a trend or simply want to try something new, our salon experts here at Odyssey Hair Designs can help transform your hair however you want. For many people with curly, frizzy hair, straight hair is the dream. With professional hair straightening in Stamford, it can now be your reality.

For people with thick, curly hair, straightening can be a chore. And an expensive one, too. Straightening hair that is completely curly, wavy, thick or frizzy can take a long time and it may only work with certain products or styling tools. It can take a long time to achieve the look you want, only to have it completely undone by the weather, time, or the next time you need to shower. Going through all the hassle of straightening and treating can take a toll on your hair, especially when you consider the heat damage. Here at Odyssey Hair Designs, we can provide you with an alternative solution. If you are someone who spends a ton of time straightening their hair regularly, then professional hair straightening in Stamford may be the miracle you’ve been waiting for. Here at our salon, we offer Japanese hair straightening treatments that can help hair look smooth and straight for a period of time. This technique is able to take frizzy, curly, or wavy hair and make it pin-straight. The treatment is permanent, however, as your hair grows, new growth will continue to develop in the way your hair naturally does so it will begin to show at the root after a time – but touch ups are easy, too!

With Japanese hair straightening in Stamford, you won’t have to worry about temporary flat-ironing or adding a ton of product. This treatment straightens hair permanently. If you would like to learn more about the treatment and our pricing, just visit us here at Odyssey Hair Designs today.

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