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Hair services in Stamford

Our goal here at Odyssey Hair Designs is to provide you with the range of essential, expertly done services that we proudly offer so that bad hair days are infrequent or even completely eliminated from your experience. Among the valuable care that we are pleased to make available are haircuts, coloring, extensions, Japanese hair straightening, and keratin conditioning.

Everyone needs to get their hair cut, even if you like keeping it long. Perhaps you want to simply make it more manageable. Or it may be time to alter the length and give yourself a new look. Our Stamford best hair stylist can accommodate you from the simple to the complex, by maintaining your current style, or giving you an entirely new one. If you know what you want, that’s great. If not, our advice and guidance is a big part of our service. A new hair color, or a touch-up to your existing one could be exactly what you need right now. Our Stamford best hair stylist will ensure that you get natural and great-looking results. Of course, those are the basics, but we have always made it our priority to go well beyond that. Our hair extensions are made from 100% human hair, so they blend in seamlessly with your own. There’s nothing artificial about them. Among the other ways we make your hair the way you want it is with Japanese hair straightening. Get reliable straightening without the damage to your hair that other methods are known to cause. And our keratin conditioning treatments show your hair who’s the boss. Is your hair frizzy and uncooperative? Not anymore.

We hope that you will want to take advantage of one or more of the outstanding services that our Stamford best hair stylist offers. Why not contact us right now? Use our “make an appointment” tab at the top of our website, or call us if you would rather.