Stamford children's haircuts

Stamford Children’s Haircuts

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Kids hair salon in Stamford

Stamford children's haircuts
Stamford children’s haircuts

We all know the importance a good haircut can make in your life. At Odyssey Hair Designs, we know that this is true for children, as well. It is important that children look good and have pride in their appearance. We are very happy to offer Stamford children’s haircuts at our hair salon which caters to both children and adults.

Our owner of Odyssey heir Designs is Jerry Borea; he was born in Italy and has brought European styling to Stamford. At our practice, we cater to a diverse clientele, that includes children. We know that it is important that children look their best, and we are very happy to provide Stamford children’s haircuts for our youngest clients. Our creative stylists always have continuing education so they stay on top of the latest trends and hairstyling techniques. Our stylists also are color specialists, and corrective color professionals – which may be important to mom and dad. When children walk out of our hair styling salon, they feel happy and confident with their new haircuts. You may not think that children are affected by the way they look, but certainly today, children pay a lot of attention to the way they look and the way others see them. Our haircut professionals are able to do all kinds of cuts, including bangs, layered looks, and other styles, as well. Our hairstylists are as comfortable doing children’s hair as they are providing women and men with the latest hairstyles available. They know how to make our client look his or her very best, and always take the clients desires under consideration. Our hairstylists enjoy working with children, and are always able to develop a comfortable rapport so that children are relaxed when coming to our spa for a haircut.

If you would like to make an appointment for your children to come to our spa for Stamford children’s haircuts, simply contact us today so that an appointment can be made at your convenience.

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